April 10 2019

Biennale Arte 2019

From May 11th to November 24th 2019 the 58th International Art Exhibition will be held in Venice, entitled “May You Live in Interesting Times“. The title chosen is taken from a common English expression that evokes periods of uncertainty, crises and disorders, such as those we are experiencing today.
The pre-opening will take place on May 8th, 9th and 10th while the awards ceremony and inauguration will take place on Saturday May 11th 2019. The exhibition, curated by Ralph Rugoff, current director of the Hayward Gallery in London, will take place between the Pavilion Central to the Gardens and the Arsenal, including 79 artists from all over the world.

The central theme is therefore the works of art able to make us reflect “on the precarious aspects of our present existence, among which the many threats to the founding traditions, to the institutions and to the relations of the” post-war order “explains
Ralph Rugoff. However, we recognize immediately that art does not exercise its forces in the sphere of politics. For example, art cannot stop the advance of nationalist movements and authoritarian governments, nor can it alleviate the tragic fate of refugees all over the planet (whose number now corresponds to almost one percent of the entire world population) . “

The exhibition will be flanked by 90 National Participations in the historic Pavilions in the Gardens, in the Arsenale and in the historic center of Venice. There are 4 countries present for the first time at the Art Biennale: Ghana, Madagascar, Malaysia and Pakistan. The Dominican Republic is participating for the first time in the Art Biennale with its own pavilion.

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