April 07 2019

Museum of naval history of Venice

Finally the splendid Museum of naval history of Venice reopens, long closed for restoration. It is one of the pearls of Venetian museums, a place where you can breathe the ancient glories of the Serenissima when the Republic was at its peak.
The Naval History Museum, founded in 1919, is located near the Arsenale, in one of the ancient granaries of Venice, more precisely in Riva San Biasio, bordering the most famous Riva dei Sette Martiri. To welcome the visitor there are two huge anchors while inside the exhibits are articulated through four floors.

His collections are related to those set up under the Republic of Venice, when the models of shipbuilders were kept in an arsenal in a special building “the House of Models”, which at the time of the Republic of Venice corresponded to the archive of projects. The models replaced the designed design: from them, on a related scale, was the construction of the natural ship. Some of the ancient models of the Republic, which escaped the sacking of the Arsenal in 1797, are preserved today in the rooms of the museum, where not only memorabilia from Venetian boats are exhibited but also models of ships built in the Arsenal at the time of the French and Austrian occupations (1797 -1866) and models of the Italian Navy of yesterday and today. The variety of models on display, however, goes beyond the boundaries of Venice, to include an exceptional collection of models of fishing boats used in the seas of China and the Far East.

The most spectacular model is that of the Bucintoro, the Doge’s ceremonial ship. Alongside the models, the museum also exhibits authentic memorabilia from the wars on the sea. Don’t miss the amazing top floor collection of shells that children will love

Part of the museum is the Ship Pavilion, located near the bridge of the Arsenale. An area of ​​two thousand square meters, in which are exhibited some examples of typical Venetian boats, ancient ceremonial gondolas, lagoon work boats; and then military boats, for example one of the few torpedo boats left at our Navy after the Second World War, and racing boats like the famous racer of the thirties “Asso” (Baglietto hull, Isotta Fraschini engine, Cattaneo pilot).

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