July 29 2019

Regata storica 2019

The Regata Storica (Historical Regatta) is the most important event dedicated to Venetian rowing, a traditional practice that has been the pride of Venice for hundreds of years.

The Regata storica over the years has assumed an increasingly spectacular appearance thanks to the care for the scenographic details and for the costumes. That’s right: it is tradition in fact that before the actual competition along the Grand Canal winds an extraordinary procession composed of typical sixteenth-century boats with costumed crew, including the figures of Doge, Dogaressa and all the high Magistrates in a faithful and accurate reconstruction of the characters at the time Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Today the four competitions are divided into categories of age and types of boats: the most famous and exciting is the regatta of champions on gondolini, whizzing through the Grand Canal to the finish line in front of the famous “machina”, a spectacular floating stage in front at the Ca ‘Foscari palace.

The route will be structured as follows: San Marco Basin, Grand Canal, Rialto, Ferrovia and return along the Grand Canal to Ca ’Foscari

The appointment is on September 1st starting at 4:00 pm

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