November 07 2019

San Martino 2019

Monday 11 November in Venice, San Martino is celebrated, one of the most heartfelt, most typical and fun parties. Already a week before, the pastry shops and bakeries of the city are filled with the pastry of San Martino based on shortcrust pastry and decorated with chocolates, icing and candies. The shape is typical of San Martino on horseback, complete with a cape and sword. In the afternoon the Venetian children meet in groups located in the various areas of the city and equipped with ladles and pots they go to “beat San Martino” shop by store, singing the traditional song in dialect at the top of their lungs. Tradition has it that shopkeepers give them sweets and money to get rid of them. At the end of the ritual then many families go to the parish of San Martino, near the Arsenale, to celebrate eating roasted chestnuts and pasta and beans.

Buona visita a Venezia